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Acqui-hires in Japan and Mexico

After reading this article on Tech Crunch written by Ben Narasin from TriplePoint Ventures I couldn’t wait for too long and start wondering: how about Mexico or Japan? 

First things first, this is the definition of Acqui-Hiring from Wikipedia:

Acqui-hiring or Acq-hiring (a portmanteau of “acquisition” and “hiring”) or a talent acquisition is the process of acquiring a company to recruit its employees, without necessarily showing an interest in its products and services (or their continued operation). 

Mexico: No acqui-hires whatsoever. Period. I don’t know a single major company in Mexico doing this, and this is something totally broken, wrong and sad. For any healthy startup ecosystem we need this and Mexico is far far away in this space.

Japan: I don’t hear about many acqui-hire deals in Japan, but I want to hear from Japanese experienced people about this issue.

I would love to red your comments about this particular issue, so folks from Japan and Mexico feel free to comment. Let’s discuss.

  • salomon83

    I think in Mexico, this kind of situations can be seen on advertising. Companies like Ogilvy, Havas and other mayor Ad agencies often acqui-hire small new agencies that succeed, must of this little firms are specialized (digital, btl, design, etc). But hey, they’re startups too :)

  • akirareiko

    Great example @salomon83:disqus but, I would argue ad agencies are not startups for one very important reason: agencies cannot scale massively unless they are building their own technology like an Ad Network. And by massively I mean millions of users or customers.
    By definition, a startup needs to scale and that’s an esencial point for a technology startup. Also, it’s not just scaling and growing, but actually maintaining big margins and profits without increasing expenses in the same proportion. Agencies nowadays aspire to have 20% or 30% margins at the most. But if you want to double your profit you actually have to spend almost double as well but you keep the same 20% or 30% margin.

  • james brown

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